Smooth Rye Whisky that makes the perfect cocktail

While promoting his Calgary Stampede a century ago, Guy Weadick called Alberta "The Last Great West". We still think it's great.

So in the spirit of Guy and all the other mavericks who built the brave province, Chinook Signature Rye Whisky is a bold, honest whisky with character. The deluxe quality, ultra smooth rye is distilled from the finest Western Canadian distillers grain, aged in bourbon barrels and finally blended to perfection by our master blender.

Chinook Signature Rye Whisky is a quality whisky you can be proud to offer your best friends.

Chinook Rye Whisky is the perfect spirit for a Manhattan Drink Enjoy the perfect Manhattan drink with Chinook Rye Whisky
  • A Manhattan is best enjoyed with the Signature Chinook Rye Whisky



    2 oz. Chinook Signature Rye Whisky
    3/4 oz. sweet red vermouth
    Dash of bitters
    Maraschino cherry, for garnish
    Orange peel twist, for garnish


    Place ice in mixing glass. Pour sweet vermouth and Chinook Signature Rye Whisky, then gently stir. Strain into an old fashioned glass filled with ice. Add a dash of bitters. Garnish with a cherry and a twist of orange peel.

  • Enjoy this Rye Whisky Cocktail recipe with Mint



    4-6 Fresh Mint leaves
    2 1/2 oz Chinook Rye Whisky
    1 tsp Brown sugar
    2 tsp water
    Crushed ice


    Muddle mint leaves, sugar, and water. Fill the glass all the way to the top with crushed ice, then add Chinook Rye. Garnish with a mint and serve.

  • Rye whisky with honey is a lovely combination for a Cocktail recipe



    1 oz CHINOOK Signature Rye
    1.5 oz Honey syrup
    3 dashes of bitters
    Ice cubes


    Fill old fashioned glass with ice. Add 1 oz CHINOOK Signature Rye, 1.5 oz Honey syrup and 3 dashes of bitters. Stir for 5 seconds. Top with Splash of Ginger Ale. Garnish with Orange twists.

Recipes for Cocktails that will put a new twist on the Old Fashioned Drink Chinook Rye Whisky
drink recipes for rye whiskey
Drink Recipes for Rye Whisky
Available in Signature Rye Whisky and White Whisky
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Click to know more about Chinook White Whisky
Smooth Distilled Rye Whisky
Smooth caramel and Vanilla Flavoured White Whisky
Sophisticated modern whisky perfect for a Cosmopolitan

Chinook Signature White Whisky is a white whisky like no other. Other white "whiskies" are merely grain alcohol that hasn't been aged. Other white "whiskies" haven't had the benefit the wood aging that makes a whisky, well, a whisky.

Chinook Signature White Whiskey is aged in wood, giving it a genuine smooth caramel & vanilla flavour, while a special filtration rounds off the oak overtones for more balanced profile. If you're looking for a sophisticated, modern whisky, the choice is clear.

White Caesar with White Whisky Drink Recipes for Chinook White Whisky
  • Signature White Caesar Drink Recipe



    1 oz. Chinook Signature White Whisky
    4 oz. tomato-clam cocktail juice
    3 dashes Worcestershire sauce
    2 dashes cayenne pepper sauce
    1 pinch steak spice
    Fresh ground pepper to taste, dill pickle spear and lime wedge for garnish, Steak spice for glass rim.


    Rim a highball glass with steak spice. Fill with ice. Add Chinook Signature White Whisky, Tomato-clam juice, Worcestershire, cayenne pepper, steak spice and pepper. Stir well. Garnish with pickle spear and lime wedge.

  • Chinook White Sour recipe for White Whisky



    1 1/2 oz. Chinook Signature White Whisky
    2 oz. lemon juice
    Orange peel twist for garnish
    Cherry for garnish


    Combine ingredients in mixing glass. Pour in glass filled with ice. Garnish with a cherry and a twist of orange peel.

  • White Coke goes well with Chinook White Whisky



    1.5 oz Chinook Signature White Whisky
    2 to 4 oz Coke
    Lime slice


    Add the whisky over ice glass filled with ice. Stir well with the lime slice. Garnish with lime wedge.

Drink recipes for the Rye White Whisky Chinook Rye Whisky & White Whisky

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