Long gone are the days in which private label products couldn’t compete with the nation’s favorite brands. Today, private label products are as varied as the companies behind them, and of course, the standards of quality have risen risen right along with their popularity.

Private label spirits are no exception.

If you own a business and are interested in selling your own brand of private label spirits, then the first thing that you have to do is find a company that is able to produce high-quality and affordable spirits for you.

This is when the Minhas Distillery comes into play.

Minhas Distillery

With over a 100 years of brewing quality spirits, liqueurs, cordials and craft beers (among other things), the Minhas Distillery is the perfect fit for you. We are a family-owned enterprise with 3 production facilities located in North America (2 in Wisconsin and 1 in Calgary, Canada). Not only are we the 2nd oldest brewery still in operation in the country — we’re also the 10th largest.

We know how profitable it is for companies to sell private label products. We have seen and helped numerous companies achieve success by selling private label spirits. Because of that, we know exactly what to do in order to make your white label brand successful as well.

So what exactly can you expect from us?

Quality above all. As we said above, we know how to produce high-quality spirits that taste good. Trust us — we have over a century of experience under our belt!

Plenty of knowledge to share with you. We know how to make spirits, but we also know how to sell them. Whether you need help with state regulations or with federal taxation rules, you can count on us to provide assistance whenever we can.

And lastly, a team of experienced professionals just waiting to help make your dream come true. From our in-home team of graphic designers to our in-house television and film production team, working with us means that you will have access to professionals who know exactly what your brand needs to succeed in the world. Because a successful business is not only about offering the best products. It’s also about making sure that they sell.

The Minhas Distillery can do both for you.