Do you like cranberries? Have you ever thought of mixing them with vodka to create a Moscow mule of the likes you’ve never had before?

Probably not. Today we’re going to tell you exactly why you should.

If you’re looking for a new margarita recipe to share with friends this weekend, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we are going to teach you how to make a Moscow mule with cranberries and ginger beer. This recipe is both delicious and easy to make — two things that figure high on our list of priorities and probably high on yours too. But before doing, let’s take a quick look at the list of ingredients that you will need:

2 shots of vodka
8 ounces of ginger beer
1/2 cup of cranberry juice
2 limes
A handful of fresh cranberries
Ice cubes

Note: This recipe makes 1 serving.

To make a Moscow mule with cranberries and ginger beer, begin by taking out a copper mug. If you don’t have a copper mug, don’t worry — a simple cocktail glass will do the trick just fine. Proceed to add a handful of ice cubes into the copper mug (or cocktail glass) before adding in the vodka and ginger beer. Top with cranberry juice (as much as you see fit) and garnish with a handful of fresh cranberries and a freshly cut wedge of lime. Serve and enjoy!

For more delicious and easy to make Moscow mule recipes, feel free to browse through the rest of our blog. Until then happy and safe drinking from the Minhas Distillery!