The martini is one of our favorite cocktails. It’s elegant, simple to make and oh so delicious. Of course, you already knew that, but what you might know already know is that it’s also versatile, making it one of the most diverse cocktails out there. From strawberry martinis to chocolate martinis, we’ve seen it all — and it’s not about to stop anytime soon. If you are like us and you too like exploring with different ingredients, then you have come to the right blog.

Today, we will be teaching you how to make a martini with pear vodka. But before doing that, let’s first take a look at the list of ingredients that you will need:

1/2 cup of ice cubes

2 ounces of pear vodka

2 ounces of pear juice

1 ounce of ginger liqueur

As you already know by now, martinis are shaken — not stirred. As a result, if you don’t already own a cocktail shaker it’s something that you will want to buy ahead of time before you decide to prepare this cocktail.

If you already own one and you have all the ingredients necessary to make a blueberry cocktail, simply fill the cocktail shaker with ice before adding the vodka, the pear juice and the ginger liqueur to the mix. Shake vigorously or until the exterior of the cocktail shaker has started to frost over (usually it takes about 30 seconds). Strain into cocktail glasses that have been previously chilled and enjoy!

And as usual, don’t forget to drink responsibly.