Nothing tastes better than an ice-cold margarita on a hot summer day. (Evening. We totally said evening, okay?!) Here at the Minhas Distillery, we absolutely ADORE this classic drink and we are not ashamed of admitting it. We have tons of margarita recipes available on our blog, and the one that we are about to share with you is definitely one of our favorites this summer.

If you like beer by itself, tequila by itself, then why not mix both? Today we will be teaching you how to make a margarita with beer. But before doing this, let’s first take a look at the list of ingredients that you will need:

1 can frozen limeade concentrate

12 ounces of tequila

12 ounces of water

12 of ounces of beerĀ 

Ice cubes

Lime wedges

Making a margarita with beer is really as simple as you think it is. If you have some experience with making some — great! If not, don’t stress it and just follow those quick, easy steps.

Grab a large pitcher and add the limeade, the tequila, the water and the beer in it. Stir its content until all the ingredients have blended together and until the limeade has melted. Add in some ice cubes (as many as you see fit) and divide the mixture between margarita glasses that have been previously chilled. Garnish with lime wedges and add in some sugar if needed.

Enjoy your awesome margarita and don’t forget to share it with your friends. (Although we won’t judge if you don’t…) And as always, drink responsibly!